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Oblivion Guild Statement

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1Oblivion Guild Statement Empty Oblivion Guild Statement on Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:19 pm


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Oblivion Guild Statement

-Regarding Players and Behaviors.

- Every player has the right to express himself, as long as spams are not made, offenses are not taken, and tempers don’t get too exalted.

- Any kind of discrimination will NOT be tolerated, whether it regards to Religion, Country, Race, Color, Beliefs or any other kind. It’ll result on an instant kick.

- Name Calling to guildies will result on a reprehension and if it persists even on a Kick.

- Respect and teamwork will always be high rated on Oblivion, so keep them.

- Disrespect towards other guilds, whether they’re Alliance or Horde will NOT be tolerated, resulting on a Kick.

- No Rank discrimination will be allowed between the players.

- Players are allowed to have as many alts as they wish on the guild.

- Joining Oblivion is making a commitment to ALWAYS go for the best, to NEVER be afraid and to ALWAYS be there for the Guild and with the Guild.

-Regarding Raiding.

- Every player, don’t matter Rank or Gear, has the right to join Guild Raids made to anywhere, except Sunwell Plateau where leaders can check gear before inviting. Always considering the raid is not full of his/her player’s class.

- Any player has the right to start raids on the Guild, just as the High Ranked players will be constantly starting / participating on them.

- Ninjas of ANY kind will NOT be tolerated. Ninjaeing will result on an Instant Kick from both the Raid and the Guild.

- Hacking / Exploiting / Bugging to kill bosses on raids will NOT be tolerated either, and the same punishment applies. Instant Kick.

- Master Looting is not allowed on Oblivion Guild Raids.

- Looting Rules MUST be NEED BEFORE GREED and no DKP System (Dragon King Points System) is allowed either.

- Officers and the Guild Master will delegate small tasks to different and random players on Guild Raids to check if they can handle responsibility. Success will be rewarded and Fail will have a few different consequences.

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-Regarding Promotions and Ranks.

- The more you beg for a promotion, the less likely it is for you to get it.

- Officers have the right to promote whoever they think deserves the new rank, to a max rank of “Templar”.

- Promotions to “Lancer” and to “Crusader” will be done only by Voting by the Officers.

- Only the Officers have the right to oppose to a player’s promotion, then the subject will be talked over on Officer’s Channel.

- Promotions to “The Council” will be done by the Guild Master after consulting other Council Members on the Council Chat Channel.

- Probation Ranked players that succeed on Guild Raids, will have their rank risen.

- Probation Rank is for new people on the guild that still need to prove they’re good players, to join the guild for good.

- “Knights” will have to stay a set time (that will not be revealed) and to do great things for the guild to earn the Templar Rank.

- “Templars” that are nominated by Officers and pass the filter from the Guild Master, will be competing for the Officer Rank on the Voting made by the Officers.

- “Lancer” Will have a Guild Bank Tab with EXCLUSIVE access to them and the Officers.

- Despotism will NOT be allowed on the Guild Ranks.

-Regarding Guild Bank.

- Depositing Items on the Wrong Tab or depositing items that can be bought on Vendors will result on a demotion. If the case happens more than once more serious measures will be taken.

- NO Player has the right to hack / bug the Guild Bank to have access to more things than his rank is allowed to. It’ll result on immediate Kick.


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-Regarding Officers.

- “Crusaders” and “The Council” have to Watch Over the guild, fulfilling the job they were promoted for, which is to help the Guild Master taking care of the Guild.

- Along with the Guild Master, it’s the Officer’s job to control players, teach them, make raids in a defined basis, and report to the Guild Master if any major issue appears.

- ALL Officers MUST have the Guild Master’s E-mail, in cases where Urgency is needed.

- Guild Invites will have a new policy from now, that will be stated in a separated section here.

- Officer’s Chat Channel will be used ONLY for Guild Matters and NEVER for general talking, considering that only “Crusaders”, “The Council” and the Guild Master have access to it, it’ll be used when discretion is needed.

- NO Officer has the right to disdain players with lower ranks, considering the opposite true also.

- NO Officer has the right to use personal feelings or personal problems with some player to prejudice him, considering the opposite true also.

- ALL Officers MUST have vast and expendable In Game Knowledge and be always willing to share it with other players, no matter the rank,

- ALL Officers MUST be specialists on playing AT LEAST one class.

- ALL Officers MUST have AT LEAST one Fully Geared Char or very close to that.

- ALL Officers MUST be friendly and respectful towards all other guildies.

- ALL Officers MUST have a sense of Leadership developed and be always willing to help in some way.

- ALL Officers MUST wear the Guild Tabard on ALL Chars, NO mattering Fashion Senses or whatsoever.

- From Time to Time, the Guild Master will select and Officer and let him choose a pupil on the guild. It’ll be the Officer’s job to gear and teach the selected player how to optimize his playing on that class. Class Specialists will have the preference on being chosen to each character.

-Regarding Recruits.

- Any new player who wants to join must wisp a “Crusader”, “The Council” member or the Guild Master, so he/she will get directed to a specialist of his/her class. This player will ask about 2 questions to the newcomer to check his level of knowledge and to ensure he’s no noob. If he passes and answers the questions correctly, he’s allowed to join Oblivion.

- Different ways of testing players are also allowed, just like Duels or any other ideas the Officers might think of.

- ALL Players MUST be tested before joining the guild.

- No Noobs will be tolerated on Oblivion anymore, but nabs are tolerated.

- Oblivion is an End Game Guild, so no Fresh WoW players will be admitted UNLESS they’re under CONSTANT supervision of one of the Officers.

By joining Oblivion, you compromise yourself on being one of the best.
Always believe on that.


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